Is Genesis History? documentary lands in TN, Bryan students help fill the Chattanooga theater

By: Nathan Ecarma

Worldview & Culture Correspondent, Managing Editor

On Feb. 23, a Thursday evening, Bryan students, faculty and Hamilton County residents were greeted by Dr. Neal Doran as they filtered into Carmike Northgate 14 cinema for an anonymously sponsored viewing of the new documentary Is Genesis History?.

Is Genesis History? was the most viewed movie on Feb. 23; 143,000 attended the movie in 700 theaters nationwide

As the wake of Bryan’s past with evolution begins to subside, this event shows a step in one direction. Beginning with William Jennings Bryan and continued by Dr. Stephen Livesay, Bryan has continually stood for a six-day literal interpretation of Genesis.

Science professor Dr. Neal Doran commented, “God will providentially guide the college in the future, but it would be good see the college return to building the creation model ideas that inspired this movie.”

Several students were asked for their reasoning behind their attendance; many came primarily for extra credit (several professors offered extra for attendance) but also because they were intrigued by the subject matter.

Ben Reagan, sophomore, said, “I am curious to hear more evidence for the creationist model. I’m interested in science in general and for extra credit.”

Jarrod Arnold, junior, said, “I am here out of curiosity and intrigue. It was a free ticket and free date night.”

The movie ran from 7:07 p.m. to 8:49 p.m., and the audience applauded afterwards.

Emily Tefft, senior, said, “[Is Genesis History is] by far the best creationist film I’ve scene.” She thought it was interesting that they didn’t directly address atheists and evolutionists, but spoke mostly about paradigms and worldview; thus, using a less polemical and brash rhetoric.

Jordan Pearson, junior, said “I can see why Dr. Doran teaches the way he does.”

Dr. Lyle Smith of the mathematics department said, “I enjoyed the movie. The cinematography was excellent. The dialogue was informative without being overly technical or redundant. Their description of scientific paradigms was key to the whole discussion and I appreciated how they returned to reinforce it repeatedly.”

Dr. Doran, said, “[The presentation and professionalism were good. The science was also accurately presented. 20 years ago, there were few creationists with Ph.D’s in origins-relevant disciplines. Today, this movie can host representatives from a spectrum of relevant professional scientific disciplines who are working on an increasingly powerful creation model.”

Due to the success of the Feb. 23 showing, two more showings will occur on March 2 and 7.

See the Is Genesis History? website for viewing information, and view the Is Genesis History trailer here.

Brief Movie Evaluation:

Is Genesis History? showed a high level of professionalism in their production and content. Instead of beginning polemical like his fellow young earth creationists, Del Tackett prompted the documentary with several questions. Tackett grappled with these questions by interviewing several Ph.Ds.

Though the documentary had a foundation in science, it presented several approaches for evidences of the historical view of creation: linguistic, geological, paleontological, taphonistic, philosophical and archeological.

While the presentation of the debate was measured, and no straw men were built, it would have been more balanced if an evolutionist had presented evolution rather than a creationist presenting evolution.

Overall, the documentary proved as a persuasive introduction to 6-day creationism.

Nathan Ecarma studies Bible, culture, and language. He serves on the Worldview Initiative and as a Managing Editor for the school newspaper, the Bryan Triangle. In between theological conversations, he enjoys binge watching Netflix and attempting to sing his favorite songs.

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