High Hopes for the Fall 2016

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By:  Samantha Burgess, Madison Keck, and Weslee ClarkMottoEntrance

The 2016 fall semester of Bryan College is underway, as students begin to develop their visions for the year. Freshman are enjoying their newfound freedom and seniors are preparing for adult life.  Students in different places of their journey express their feelings about this upcoming year.

Josh Smotherman, Senior EHS Major and varsity soccer player, said: “I want to be fruitful with my friendships on and off the field and be a role model to younger athletes.” He also hopes the pre-season soccer training pays off for the Lions.

Senior Kat Frazier studying Christian Ministry and a JV soccer player  at first had difficulty choosing a response.  eventually deciding that her biggest hope for her senior year was to finish successfully.

Landon Johnson is a Freshman double majoring in Psychology and Music in hopes of choosing a career from the two. While getting a taste of what it means to be a double major at Bryan Landon shared his vision.  He stated, “One important thing for me this year is to grow as an adult, with that comes realizing what career path God is calling me to.”

Like Johnson, Freshman and Elementary Education major Charleyna (Charley) East, has high hopes for college. East said, “I hope to pass all my classes with flying colors. I also want to develop my writing skills more for papers.”

Jubilee Lofgren, a Senior majoring in Christian Studies, said, “I want to get really good with my speaking and writing skills.” Lofgren hopes to gain more leadership skills in her last year here at Bryan.

Commuters also hold high hopes for the year in spite of the added challenges they face.  Laura Dodson, a Freshman commuter majoring in Elementary Education, said, “I hope to make it out of this semester with good grades and good friends,” she said, “As a commuter I enjoy being able to come home and unwind, but I miss out on a lot of the evening activities.”

Dakota Thacker is a Senior Commuter majoring in Christian Ministry who is also a part of the Worldview Initiative. “This year will be difficult and busy,” he stated, “but I’m excited to finish and I hope to use my time on campus to join new friend groups and have a presence on campus. One good thing about commuting is that I can leave when I start to feel overwhelmed being in the same place all the time.”

Rachel Florez, a Senior commuter and transfer student majoring in Communications, is also optimistic saying, “I want to work on my resume so that I can start applying for jobs in the spring.  I’ve been working hard since my freshman year and it’s really paid off. I feel like I can relax a little this year. I’m also really enjoying being a commuter. It gives me more freedom and an opportunity to work.”

Overall students at Bryan college have high aspirations and a positive outlook for this semester.