Grant Zawadzki with the Padres!

7 years ago Triangle 0

By LJ Rowden, Staff Writer   

This February former Bryan College baseball Grant Zawadzi signed with the San Diego Padres. When the team received the news it was nothing but pure joy. Grant Zawadzi is the second player from Bryan College to sign a contract with a Major League organization.

Grant played shortstop here at Bryan but signed his professional contract with the Padres as a pitcher. After talking to Grant about what this experience is like, this is what he had to say.

“The days have been very long, especially when you try to walk into the batting cage and they tell you to go do PFP’s (Pitchers Fielding Practice). All jokes aside, it has been an amazing experience. I have met a lot of great guys and I have been blessed with an opportunity to learn even more about the game.

With that said, I asked Grant what it was like when he first found out about the Padres wanting to sign him. He said, “To be honest I was more nervous thinking I had heard what I wanted to hear opposed to what was actually stated on the phone. Both my brothers were in town as we were putting on a hitting clinic when I got the call. They were so excited and in my head I was nervous I had told them the wrong thing. I don’t know if there could have been better timing. Even while I am out here at times it all feels surreal.”

Finally Grant was able to elaborate on what this opportunity means to him, “This opportunity is one I have worked for the past 23 years. It was a blessing and an amazing gift. Being here with the pressure, my brother summed it up great. “

“Quit thinking this is all you and that you have to do more, enjoy the gift and opportunity that Christ has given you and realize your not alone.”

I have done everything I could for 23 years and it took me giving Christ total control for things to work out. I am truly blessed and so grateful for all of it.”