GA and TN fires affect Dayton and Bryan communities.

Written By: Samantha Burgess

You may have noticed the hazy air and acrid smell of smoke this week when you stepped outside. This is due to the wildfires burning across the state of Tenn. and Georgia. According to news site WBIR , the forestry division has reported 96 wildfires that have burned 9,000 acres across the state of Tennessee.

Some of the closest wildfires include the one in Flipper Bend on Signal Mountain burning 780 acres and the wildfire on Mowbray Mountain burning 230 acres. With the extreme drought conditions and strong winds the forestry division is struggling to contain and put out the wildfires.

While these conditions are a hinderance, many of the 96 wildfires were reported as intentional, including the fire in Flipper Bend. The forestry division urges citizens not to start any fires and burn permits are not expected to be issued until we receive significant precipitation.

Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be any chance of rain in Dayton, Chattanooga, or surrounding areas of Tenn.

Amy Maxwell, who is with Hamilton Co. Emergency Services, said in a news article that, “We’re trying to work as fast as we can, and unfortunately, it’s like we’ve been talking about for the last several weeks, if we don’t get any rain here anytime soon, this could possibly continue, so we’re just asking residents to please be patient with us.”

I encourage those at Bryan, and in Dayton, Chattanooga, and the surrounding areas to pray for rain. I also encourage you to pray for the safety of all those involved in the wildfires, as there seems to be no immediate end at the moment.