Final Presidential Debate: What’s Next?

6 years ago Triangle 0

Written By: Kate Westrick

The third and final presidential debate held in Las Vegas on October 19 was surprisingly policy oriented yet still yielded no clear victor. Both Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton and Republican candidate Donald Trump made strong points, albeit in varying ways. Those in support of Clinton championed her “victory”; vice versa with her Republican counterpart.

The debate was conducted differently than the earlier debates with moderator Fox News Chris Wallace asking policy questions while stating the candidates previous statements, sometimes reflecting contradictory or varying comments. Due to the historic nature of his presentation, Wallace strove to direct the debate with respect and fairness yet with firmness.

As a result of Wallace’s moderation, this debate was the most civil and provided a better glimpse into the actual policies of each candidate. His fair but firm approach also provided for the first time difficult questions for Democrat liberal and progressive Clinton. According the Media Research Center, Trump, the self-avowed “America first” populist who has received 91% negative coverage from U.S. major media overall including debates, was use to the tough questioning.

Granted, this more civil debate didn’t stop Trump from promptly retorting, “Wrong!” to many of Clinton’s statements. Nor did Clinton hesitate to throw Trump put downs for his past activities with“The day I was bringing Osama bin Laden to justice, he was hosting the celebrity apprentice.” The debate still retained its element of entertainment–the trademark of this entire campaign.

With less than two weeks until the 2016 U.S. presidential election, it is incredibly important that the candidates are active and rallying support. However, it is also pertinent voters are informing themselves and preparing to elect the next most powerful leader in the modern world. This final debate provided a prime platform for both parties.

So now, as Christians who are citizens of both the earthly as well as the heavenly kingdom, review the debates; read their policies, party platforms and most importantly, vote your values. The U.S. Supreme Court, religious freedom, marriage and families (born and unborn) and security are all at stake.