Fall Musical Showcase

Photo: Abigail Davis [of the rehearsal]

Written by Abigail Davis, Staff Writer

DAYTON, TN – The Bryan College Music department highlighted the various talents of the students, faculty and friends involved in the program in their Fall Musical Showcase on Oct. 28, 2022. Students participated in the event through the singing of Bryan College Chorale, the Chamber singers and the winners of an earlier Concerto Competition event.

The showcase began with seven pieces of music performed by the Chorale singers, accompanied by the Orchestra for three of the pieces. Directing this first portion of the performance was the responsibility of Dr. Vaugn Cardona, a guest conductor. He directed the Orchestra and Chorale singers, capturing the musical spirit of the students and musicians into one cohesive whole. He directed another acapella piece, revealing the power of the singers alone. 

David Quillman, a Saxophone Performance major, discussed performing in this half of the concert. “Singing with Dr. Cardona conducting was actually really cool…Because he was conducting both an orchestra and a choir, he was conducting with a baton, which is the style of conducting I grew up on.” 

Mrs. Annette Watt, an assistant music professor, directed two pieces with the help of Mrs. Linda Barger on piano and on organ. Her last conducted piece was acapella. 

As the showcase began its second half, the music of Bryan College continued to show itself off through the orchestra, Concerto Competition winners, Dr. Ellis, and the Bryan College Chamber Singers. 

There were three winners of the Concerto competition: Abigail Ferrell, Rebecca Duncan and Jenna McCready. 

Rebecca Duncan, a vocal performance major, discussed her individual performance in the concert. “For myself, I sing soprano in the Chorale and Chamber Singers. Apart from singing with Bryan’s two vocal ensembles in the showcase, I sang “Domine Deus,” from Vivaldi’s Gloria, as a solo piece with which I earned a winning spot in Bryan’s Concerto Competition earlier this semester,” Duncan said. 

The singers and the orchestra worked hard to present this musical showcase. Practices were conducted on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays for the Chorale singers. 

Abigail Ferrell, a Biology and Music major, discussed the effort that went into the concert. “This semester the vice president, Grace Thompson, coordinated many extra practices to help us prepare. There were a wide variety of songs from latin motets to modern gospel-style. Preparing this wide variety of music was both challenging and enjoyable,” Ferrell said. 

Abigail Davis is a freshman Communications major with a minor in English and Business. In her free time, she enjoys writing, video games and reading.