End of Semester “Race to Finish Strong”

Written By: Samantha Burgess

Staff Writer

This is it. The moment you’ve been training for. After countless sleepless nights, coffees, study sessions and assignments you have made it to your last exam of the semester. Once this is over you have the whole summer to sit back, grab a cold drink and catch some rays on the beach. Or maybe just some extra Z’s on the sofa.


Either way, students at Bryan are ready for the end of the Spring 2017 semester. Student stress is high with last minute assignments and exams. Many look forward to the much needed summer break. 

Junior history major Abigail Ryan will miss her friends, but is looking forward to not having a pile of assignments to worry about. “My advice is to take it one assignment at a time, otherwise you’ll get overwhelmed,” said Ryan. “Also, take time to have some fun, for the sake of your sanity.”

Jacob Dublin, a freshman business management major, recommends working hard and not stressing out.  “I’m looking forward to finishing my first year of college and going home to see family,” said Dublin.

I feel like I’m going a little bit crazy right now trying to finish up all of these final assignments,” said Emma Garland, a sophomore Christian ministry and leadership major. “I can’t wait to relax this summer.” Garland feels the best thing to do at the end of the semester is to drink plenty of water, sleep as much as you can and give yourself time to do assignments and be in the Word.

Timothy Hostetler, a sophomore double majoring in management and Christian ministry, is trying to find a balance between homework, studying and sleep. Although studying is important, Hostetler said rest is crucial in order to do well on exams. “At the end of the semester it’s a rewarding feeling to know you accomplished a lot despite all the challenges you’ve endured.”

The finish line for this semester is in sight and summer is near for Bryan students. Do your best and finish strong.


Samantha Burgess is a Freshman majoring in Communication with an emphasis in Digital Media. Samantha is actively involved in PCI. She writes Triangle articles on a variety of topics including campus life and current events. When she’s not doing homework, Samantha can often be found curled up with a good book, writing, listening to music, or watching TV.

Samantha Burgess
Samantha Burgess