Dayton Tennessee, coffee shops

 Written by: Eleanor Sanford, staff writer

Dayton, Tenn.– Dayton, Tennessee, is a rural town located 40 miles from Chattanooga. Downtown Dayton is filled with antique shops and locally owned businesses. In this area, there are two popular coffee shops located just two miles apart: Harmony House and Jennings Coffee and Tea. Harmony House is owned by John Piatt and offers a cozy, diner-like aesthetic.  Jennings coffee and tea opened in 2020 and provides a modern, minimalist space.

As a coffee lover, I decided to compare one of my favorite drinks at both coffee shops. The drink I chose is a cortado. It is two espresso shots mixed with steamed milk. The milk helps reduce the acidity of the espresso.

For those who don’t know, a cortado is supposed to be drunk within the first 10 minutes after being made. When espresso is brewed, a layer of oil remains at the top; this is called “crema.” Once the oil dissipates into the espresso, it becomes more acidic.

I went to both Harmony House and Jennings Coffee and Tea to order a cortado. Harmony House’s cortado was smooth and creamy, roasted with their beans. Jennings tasted a tad more acidic but was still delicious.

Overall, this drink is perfect for a coffee lover who needs a quick pick-me-up, and both Harmony House and Jennings Coffee & Tea can provide that.

Eleanor Sanford is a senior at Bryan College majoring in communications, media, and culture. She is an intern for the leadership and culture department at Bryan College. She loves to travel and used to live in Australia.