Cruz control at New Hampshire Republican Primary 2016 and beyond

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Dr. Reggie Ecarma / Photo courtesy Bryan College
Dr. Reggie Ecarma / Photo courtesy Bryan College

By Reggie Ecarma, Ph.D.

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Reggie Ecarma, Ph,D. is journalism professor and chair of the department communication, media and culture at Bryan College in Dayton, Tenn. He earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of Louisville and two master’s degrees (public policy and public affairs journalism), and Ph.D. in political communication from Regent University. He can be reached at

Donald Trump, the drive-by candidate, who is animated by NYC daily traditional and social media, is a welcomed antidote to Potomac fever. This Fever is not only symptomatic, but soul changing. The changing of the souls of these Republican and Democrat established politicians have near permanently corrupted our country.

After the captivating and wild ride with Trump, now take a test drive and put your Cadillac on Cruz control.

Yes, enter U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, R-TX who is a proven, passionate and principled constitutionally driven Christian.

Riding the political roller coaster called Washington, DC, Sen. Cruz has fought both Republican and Democrat prima donnas. He is not enamored by the NYC media, and he has not taken in millions from the Chamber of Commerce.

If you want to drive with a co-pilot who is proven and tested, if you want a man who has set his Cadillac on constitutionalism and conservativism, then choose Cruz.