Coming back to the Hill

Written by: Hannah Carpenter

The love of this place is what binds Bryan students of past and present to this school. Despite what changes occur through time and circumstance or whatever hardships we have to overcome whether it’s at Bryan or out there in this scary world, we remain loyal to the Bryan motto,” Christ Above All.” Bryan stands as a beacon on a hill and a representation of home for many individuals.img_3641

Time changes everything both people and places. Although our time at Bryan is short for most, the memories we make at this place are the memories we will carry with us for the rest of our lives as we pass those accounts on to the next generation of eager thinkers and dreamers.
Whether the next step of our Bryan journey leads us to stay in Dayton, Tenn. or to travel to far off places, I pray we all in time find our way back to the Hill. Once a Bryan Lion always a Bryan Lion, with joyful hearts we welcome the former Lions back home