College student fears for her life during Uber ride, Uber gives her $5 compensation

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Written by: Jonathan Ecarma, staff writer

Pictured above, student Alanna Moness.

TORONTO — During an Uber ride in the early morning of Dec. 22, Canadian student Alanna Moness claims she feared for her life. Her Uber driver was going double the speed limit and had driven through multiple stop signs.

After spending the night out with friends in Toronto, Moness decided to call an Uber to drive her home. The 23-year-old student said: “We took the Don Valley Parkway home. He was weaving in and out of cars going almost 90 mph.”   

“Once we got to the suburban areas, that’s when everything started happening. There are three stop signs between the highway and my house and he ran all three,” Moness added.

In her Uber, Moness had taken screenshots from the mobile app Waze. According to the screenshots, the car was traveling double the speed limit in a residential area. 

The screenshot pictured above shows the driver going almost 60 mph in a 30 mph speed limit.

During the Uber ride, Moness texted her brother and asked him to come outside when she arrived home. After arriving home, and when her brother was with her, Moness, then said to the Uber driver: “I’ve never felt so unsafe in my life.”

Moness wanted to wait until her brother was with her to say something because she was worried the driver would be angry at her. 

Moness said later, after the incident occured: “I am a young woman. I didn’t want to open my mouth. I was by myself.” 

Directly after the Uber ride, Moness contacted the company’s emergency line to report the incident. 

“They just apologized for the inconvenience and gave me a $5 credit,” said Moness.

The company has since reimbursed her $47.28 Uber ride. They claim to have also removed the driver’s access to Uber. Police have confirmed that a report was filed, and the case is being investigated.

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