Clauson continues as Academic VP

By Bria McKamey 
Online Editor

Interim Vice President of Academics Dr. Kevin Clauson will be staying on as VP for the foreseeable future.

Clauson took over the position in June 2014 after Dr. Bradford Sample resigned the position to take a job at Ohio Christian University.

Interim Vice President of Academics Kevin Clauson / Photo courtesy Bryan College
Interim Vice President of Academics Kevin Clauson / Photo courtesy Bryan College

Clauson was chosen for the position by President Stephen Livesay with the approval of the board of trustees.

“I think he is doing a tremendous job,” Livesay said.

Livesay said he has not made any decisions about the future of the position but hopes to move forward in the next few months.

Clauson had previous administrative experience before coming to Bryan, which most faculty do not have, according to Livesay.

He has worked in academia for 33 years—spending six of those years as a professor. He also served as the head of government programs at Liberty University for 20 years and president of a small unaccredited college prior to working at Bryan.

“Let me say that I love teaching, but this kind of position offers a different kind of unique opportunity—to have a part in shaping the future of the college in a much more direct and thorough way. Right now, I just really want to be of service to the Lord—where He wants me,” Clauson said.

His VP responsibilities are extensive. He oversees the adult, online and dual enrollment programs, in addition to the traditional College of Arts and Sciences. He also continues to teach one class each semester.

Clauson, along with a committee of faculty members, is responsible for the creation of new courses and degrees and is Bryan’s Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) liaison. He also directs the hiring of faculty, any type of academic resources in the library and student inquiries.

“He has to hear all of it. He is responsible for all of the accreditation—God bless his soul with that. There’s probably not a busier person. I’m amazed when I look at what comes out of that office, how accurate things are because I know what they have to be,” Livesay said.

Livesay said he looked for a person who was of a godly disposition with strong character.

“I know, for example, when we have an academic matter come up, that Dr. Clauson is going to approach that in a forthright, godly and truthful way,” Livesay said.