Christians United for Israel visit Bryan College with Holocaust survivor Irving Roth

Written by: Mathäus Schwarzen, staff writer

DAYTON, TENN.—Pro-Israel grassroots organization Christians United for Israel (CUFI) visited the Bryan College campus on September 9. Speakers Bob Scott and Lyndon Allen presented the background and mission of the organization to students and members of the Dayton community. Holocaust survivor Irving Roth also spoke about his life story. 

Bryan College Dean of the Honors Institute Scott Jones hosted the event and gave the opening prayer after introducing the speakers. CUFI Tennessee State Coordinator Scott then spoke to the audience about the importance of standing up for the rights of the Jewish people and Israel. 

 CUFI Tennessee State Coordinator Bob Scott speaks to the audience about the work CUFI has done in the past

“Antisemitism is getting so bad in Britain that Jews are planning to leave. In Canada, it’s not just the fringe elements, but it’s becoming mainstream to be against the Jewish people,” he said. “It is 1939 again.”

CUFI is a Christian organization that boasts over 7 million members. It lobbies and raises awareness for the Jewish and Israeli cause across the United States, and holds informational meetings at college campuses. It also works to sway United States politicians in favor of Israel.

Scott also said that there is a discrepancy in the amount of condemnation Israel receives from the United Nations when compared to nations such as North Korea and Syria. He explained how his own personal experience of trips to Israel and a desire to get involved in its defense led him to CUFI and encouraged the audience to sign their pledge of support.

Scott was followed by CUFI Central Region Coordinator Lyndon Allen, who introduced Roth and gave a message on the importance of the church’s role in defending the needy. 

“It takes the church standing up,” he said. “And when the church is silent, wicked things happen.”

Holocaust survivor Irving Roth exhorts the audience to stand for Israel

Roth, a Czech-born Jew who survived both the Auschwitz, Poland and Buchenwald, Germany concentration camps, gave his life story and exhorted the audience to take a stand for the Jewish people. He said that antisemitism has reached a new high worldwide.

“Jews are afraid to wear the skullcap, to be identified as Jews in the streets of Berlin,” he said. “Not in 1939, but in 2019.”

Roth also denounced US politicians who do not support the Israeli cause, as well as educators who teach that Israel acts aggressively or with excessive force. He encouraged the audience to become involved in CUFI for the defense of Israel.

“That is what CUFI stands for,” he said. “Tell Congress—tell each one of them—If you buy into the propaganda and the evil, you’re not going to have a job. We’ll send them back to wherever they came from.”

Roth participated in a book signing of his autobiography after Jones closed the session in prayer.

Mathäus Schwarzen is a staff writer for the Bryan Triangle specializing in campus news, and a sophomore at Bryan College, majoring in creative writing. He spends his free time writing and listening to music.