Chapel overcuts minor issue this semester

Daniel Jackson
Assistant Online Editor

The Office of Student life recorded that about 35 students face work hours for skipping chapel, as of last Wednesday, November 30. OSL said that this number is about the same as last year.

With such a small number of students facing discipline for skipping chapel, the college is unconcerned with students skipping the three-times-a-week corporate gathering.

“It is adults making decisions based on their priorities,” said Ben Norquist, Director of Faith and Mission, about students skipping chapel. He, however, recognizes that the college has rules in place which must be enforced. One part of Norquist’s duties is to direct chapel.

Despite all the requirements and rules about chapel, Norquist sees chapel as a primary ingredient to the Bryan experience. He said though pursing the goal of chapel, to study and worship together, a sense of belonging is forged. He said that it’s the only time when faculty, staff and students listen to speakers, pray and worship.

“It’s a core part of the Bryan experience,” he said.

For the students that chose to skip chapel the student handbook outlines what is allowed: each student is given eight skips a semester, which can be used as the student chooses. These could be anything from doctor visits and job interviews (as mentioned in the handbook) to Call of Duty campaigns and naptimes. The college will only grant excused absences from chapel for college-sponsored events, for example, to a team traveling to a game.

Once the ninth skip is recorded, the student receives 10 points in warning. If the student skips one more day, they face work hours. If the student continues to refuse to go to chapel, they may face probation.