Steps to surviving V-Day solo (cats optional)

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By Ashley Coker Managing Editor With the first few weeks of class finished and Spring quickly approaching, you can feel the days slowly getting longer and the workload steadily growing larger. Oh, and “the question” is being popped left and right. It’s easy to feel like you’re the only one without a shiny rock on Read More

Lessons learned by leaving the Shire

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By Caleb Julin Columnist You might have seen in the news the other day that Jan. 27 was the 70th anniversary of the liberation of prisoners from the Auschwitz prison camp in 1945. Browsing through the pictures taken from that dreadful camp, one cannot help but wonder why God could possibly have allowed such a thing Read More

Attacks on press threaten everyone’s rights

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Jan. 7, 2015: Cherif and Said Kouachi, clad in black and armed with assault rifles, forced their way into a Charlie Hebdo editorial meeting. They proceeded to murder 12 journalists. Aug. 19, 2014: Jihadist terrorists brutally beheaded American journalist James Foley after he was abducted while working in Syria. They then released a gory video as Read More