IT Services plans to upgrade wi-fi network

7 years ago Triangle 0
By Kenny Knudsen Staff Writer Though more wi-fi accessible devices are being brought onto campus, the wi-fi strength seems to be decreasing. Many students are having a hard time connecting their computers, phones, and tablets to the wifi in the dorms, townhouses, Latimer Student Center and Mercer. Sometimes devices fail connect to the wi-fi system or Read More

Dr. Pascucci terminated along with Spanish major

7 years ago Triangle 1
By Meredith Sexton and Ashley Coker Triangle Editors In their October meeting, the Board of Trustees voted to cut the Spanish major and subsequently eliminate Professor of Spanish Dr. Michele Pascucci’s position. These decisions were made on the grounds that there is only one student enrolled in the major this year. The decision to terminate Pascucci Read More

Greenway expected to create safe pedestrian travel

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By Natalie Hohn Staff Writer Dennis Tumlin, executive director of the Rhea Economic and Tourism Council, Inc., is in charge of the greenway project that will be happening over the next couple of years. The greenway is a pedestrian route planned for Dayton. It will have three points that will allow pedestrians to cross Highway Read More

The last will and testament of Susie Herder

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Bryan Triangle offered to publish the Last Will and Testament of any interested seniors graduating this December. The following is from Susie Herder:   I, Susanna “Susie” Herder, being of sound mind do solemnly bequeath the following: Kristin Hall- 1.) Run of Common Grounds 2.) Run of Banquets Elizabeth Cawthorne- The esteemed title of “Frappe Read More