Bryan College Library Celebrates Constitution Week

Written by: Daeana Barkubein, area editor

DAYTON, Tenn.—To celebrate the centennial anniversary of the 19th Amendment and the U.S. Constitution’s 233rd anniversary, Bryan College is hosting several Constitution-related activities from Sept. 17 through 23 on the first floor of the Livesay Learning Center.

All week, students will have the chance to take a t10-question online quiz about the Constitution in order to be entered into a raffle-drawing for two $15 Amazon gift cards.

Dr. Gary Fitsimmons, Bryan College’s Dir. of Library Services said, “We want everybody to at least take it. Even if you don’t get a perfect score, the test is also an educational tool; it’s not just to see how much you already know. If you take the test, and if you miss a question, you can go back and find out more.”

Besides taking the Constitution quiz, students can also visit the library’s 19th Amendment exhibit, which will be on display throughout the semester.

The exhibit (pictured right), which was offered to libraries across the state, features the 19th Amendment’s journey to ratification. Tenn. plays a special role in the Amendment’s journey, being the last state to ratify it on Aug. 18, 1920.

“This year, we’re centering a little bit more on the Constitution itself because it’s a federal requirement for any school that offers federal money for Pell grants to host activities for Constitution Week,” Fitsimmons said.

To conclude the week’s celebrations, the library will host a National Voter Registration Day Event on Wed., Sept. 23.

To participate, students can visit the library’s voter registration page to check or update their registration , register to vote or request an absentee ballot.

The registration deadline in Tenn. is Oct. 5, and all absentee ballots must be submitted by Nov. 3.

Daeana Barkubein is a freshman staff writer for the Bryan Triangle majoring in literature and minoring in communication. When not studying, she enjoys knitting, painting, and many other hobbies.