Bryan College Honors Institute: Christ Above All

Written by Jordan Hubbard, staff writer

DAYTON, TN.- For many years, the Honors Institute has captivated some of the brightest minds to step foot on the campus of Bryan College. This organization not only challenges students academically but allows them to make friends with very different interests.

The requirements for joining the Honors Institute for incoming freshmen are a combination of an ACT score of at least 25 (or SAT score of 1200) and a high school GPA of 3.65.For transfer students a cumulative GPA of at least 3.75 is required.

One of the main goals of the Honors Institute is to guide students in a direction that will insure success. “The goal of the Honors Institute is to create well-rounded students who are prepared to go out in the world and live a sublime life.” Dean of the Honors Institute Dr. Scott Jones said. The Institute also strives to implement unique experiences that grant students opportunities to engage with the world around them according to Jones. 

The Honors Institute is well-known for pushing students to their full potential through challenging courses. These courses can be major specific or general education. This lets students explore different fields of study and opens them up to new opportunities.

“I feel like this organization helped me build bonds with like minded students in my first semester.” Honors Institute Advisory Council member Emily Woodson, a freshman Exercise Health Science major, said. “It has introduced me to new ideas and has given me better goals for myself.” This organization shows the members hospitality and assures them that they have made the right decision according to Woodson.

The Student Advisory Council helps selected students gain leadership skills through real-life experiences. These students are in charge of planning all the events for the Institute and its members.

This organization has several events throughout the school year that allow students to interact with each other. These events can range from going to the Lost Sea Adventure or having a come and go Christmas party.

“This has made me realize how many different walks of life there are and it’s inspiring to see others doing what they love and how they get to share their passions with others.” Keelin Eson, a sophomore Computer Engineering major and Honors Institute Member, said. The Honors Institute helps give students a broader perspective on academics and the world around them according to Eson. 

The Honors Institute at Bryan College is just one of the many organizations on campus that is preparing students to live a life that puts Christ above all.

Jordan Hubbard is a freshman communications major and business minor at Bryan College. She is from Chattanooga, Tennessee and loves to read, write, and hike.