Bryan College cuts back

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By Matt Crutchfield, senior staff writer

The current status of the United States economy is a source of discouragement and confusion for many working Americans. Nearly every aspect of society has been influenced by the fluctuating market, and for some the consequences have been severe.

Adjusting thermostats is one way that Bryan College is attempting to cut costs in these tough economic times.
Adjusting thermostats is one way that Bryan College is attempting to cut costs in these tough economic times.

While Bryan College is not suffering greatly from the current economic trends, it is also not beyond the reach of the consequences of a struggling financial market.

No Cause for Concern

According to Dr. Peter Held, vice president of Student Life at Bryan College, the Bryan community has been “fortunate” in the number of economic difficulties. These difficulties are the result of the “impact of the economy as well as a drop in donations to the college,” Held says.

As a result of these difficulties, the college administration has decided to make “minor cutbacks” designed to save the college funds while limiting the effect on the campus experience.

Bryan College Response to Economic Crisis

Although some of the cutbacks may seem insignificant, Held is confident that the combination of small changes will reap a large benefit.

“Going Paperless”

• Departments and offices are being encouraged to use less paper in their daily operational tasks.


• Faculty and staff are “reducing travel and conference expenses,” Held says.
• Employees are being encouraged to use the college vehicle opportunities to limit the amount of money spent on compensation for the use of personal vehicles on college business.

End of the Year Awards

• The amount and number of awards based on endowments may be limited due to the decline of available funds and number of available scholarships

Thermostat Changes

• Heating and air-conditioning units will be programmed to turn on at 7:30 a.m. Units have previously been programmed to turn on at 7 am.
• During the warmer months, the thermostats will be programmed one degree warmer than previous settings.

Cell Phones

• Faculty and staff are reorganizing business cell-phone plans in order to limit monthly charges.

Retirement Plans

• “Probably the biggest cutback has to do with employees. Rather than setting aside the normal 5 percent of an employee’s income into a retirement plan, we are dropping the amount to 3 percent,” Held says.

Decision Process

The decision process to make these cutbacks was a communal effort by members of Bryan College faculty and staff.

“The process included a large number of management employees meeting for a full-day of brainstorming,” Held says.

The results of the meeting were then brought before a final cabinet where the last decisions were made.