Bryan College Celebrates the Annual All-College Picnic

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Written by: Amanda Davis, staff writer

DAYTON, Tenn. – The Bryan College All-College Picnic took place at the Triangle on Sept. 6 from 12 – 3 p.m.  After the first two weeks of college students were presented with the opportunity to enjoy the afternoon and campus visitors were able to witness their first taste of college life. The weather was sunny and warm for an afternoon full of lighthearted competition, water balloon fights, and good friends.

Students, visitors, and faculty members were able to enjoy a variety of delicious food. Loaded teas were graciously provided by Dayton Nutrition and a Kona Ice truck served snow cones. Chicken sandwiches and various sides were provided by Bryan College.  An intense grilling competition for the best barbecued chicken wings was won by Dillon Melvin, an RA, and Harrison Price, a Bryan baseball player.

Many people competed in friendly yard games to have fun and possibly win one of many gift cards. The Robinson Games is an annual competition hosted by Robinson Hall where residents participate in a Hunger Games-like competition with water guns and are assigned targets they must track down. These games concluded with its thrilling finale where the final girls left in the competition faced off and Jami Giarrizzo was the last woman standing. A dunk tank occupied many as they tried to see if they could stay above water and an exciting game of speed volleyball kept students busy.

Eleanor Sanford, a recent Bryan alumni and the director of Student Life Engagement, stated that she hopes that the college picnic can create a space where students can interact with faculty and their peers and meet people they have never met before.

One of the picnic’s main goals was to help new students get to know each other. Camille Holley, a senior communications major, said “This is a good way for incoming students to see who we really are in a personal setting.”

Elena Sanders, a freshman engineering major, said “It’s a good chance to meet people outside of class, which may help you make friends if you’re a shy person. It’s also nice to get a break from class on a Monday after a crazy first couple weeks.” 

Amanda Davis is a freshman communications major at Bryan College. She is originally from Kansas City and loves reading, writing, and photography.