Bryan College Affirmations

Written by Jordan Hubbard, News Editor

DAYTON, TN – Bryan College Affirmations is a student-run page on Instagram. This page makes funny posts about issues and struggles the students are facing on campus. 

This account was created by an athlete who wanted to bridge the gap between athletes’ struggles and non-athletes’ struggles.

“On campus you have this big divide between Bryan kids and your athletes. Part of me creating this account was to try and bridge that divide,” the administrator of the account said.

The account mainly started out as a way to voice the struggles and issues students were dealing with in a light-hearted and funny way. It was seen as a way to get the attention of the high-up people of Bryan College without attacking a single person for the issue.

Photo: @bryancollegeaffirmations on Instagram

One of the main issues that fueled the idea for this account was the Christian Formation Credit (CFC) requirements for the Fall of 2021. The Fall 2021 CFC requirement was 40, which was very difficult for non-athletes. The requirement was even harder on the athletes.

The owner of this account is an athlete (who wishes the sport he plays to be anonymous), so he felt the frustration and heard the frustration of his fellow athletes. Instead of doing nothing about the frustration, he decided to start this account to get the attention of people who could change this policy.

The owner said his favorite part of running the account is being able to be creative without people knowing that it is him. He likes being able to take the image in his head and make it a real thing.

He says that there are a lot of stereotypes around athletes and creativity so that is part of why he decided to keep his identity a secret. The owner of the account said that athletes have more talents than just being athletic and they are more than what they look like.

“I am trying to show that, this sounds cliche but, you can’t judge a book by its cover,” the owner said.

Photo: @bryancollegeaffirmations on Instagram

Some of his favorite memories surrounding this account is when he was called out during chapel last year and when Mr. Palmer said he supported the account and appreciated the community he was building through his posts.

While most of the posts are concerning issues the student body is dealing with, some posts are purely for entertainment. One of these being the administrator’s favorite, the Valentine’s Day post.

When asked about what the future of this account holds, he said that he is looking for someone to pass the account on to after he graduates. This is a student-run account about struggles students face on campus and he wants to keep it that way.

Jordan Hubbard is a sophomore communications major and business minor. She is from Soddy-Daisy, Tennessee and likes to read, write, and hike.