Athlete Profile: Carlos Vasquez

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Written by Isabelle Hendrich, Faith Editor 

DAYTON, TN – Carlos Vasquez is a freshman biology major who plays defense on the men’s soccer team at Bryan College. 

Vasquez is originally from Tegucigalpa, the capital of Honduras before he came to Destino del Reino when he was three years old. Destino del Reino was originally started by Rhonda Jackson, a Bryan College Alumni who felt called to start a school and home for children in Honduras in the early 2000s. 

Vasquez originally began playing soccer because his brothers at Destino, Franklin Vijil, Josue Chavarria and Cesar Castro played on a team in Siguatepeque, Honduras where Destino is located. 

“I really enjoy my teammates, the soccer guys, they are really good to be around,” Vasquez said. “It is also a good environment to grow spiritually and be surrounded by people who also have the same goals as you, soccer and God.” 

Vasquez enjoys reading and being outdoors. He hopes to work in environmental science after he graduates from Bryan with his bachelor’s degree in biology. “I was always the guy reading books and being in nature,” Vasquez said. 

A few differences Vasquez noted between Bryan and Honduras were the weather and environment in general. Several distinctions he noted were the animals, plants and constellations of stars in the sky. “We only have rainy or dry seasons. You have winter, summer, and fall,” Vasquez said. “It was really interesting my first time seeing fall and my first time seeing snow too, so it was really fun.”

Isabelle Hendrich is a communication major and history minor at Bryan College. Besides running, Hendrich likes to read and do crafts. She is a triplet whose siblings, Benjamin and Savannah, are also attending Bryan College.