Asbell and Henderson win freshmen senator elections

Written by: Daeana Barkubein, staff writer

DAYTON, Tenn.—The results of the freshmen senator elections, held from August 19 to August 21, were released on Monday, August 24 at 8:00 am. The freshman class was tasked to elect a male and female senator to represent them, and of the candidates who ran, Danielle Asbell and Devin Henderson won the positions.

Asbell, a secondary mathematics education major who hails from Chapel Hill, Tenn., chose to get involved in student government based on her past leadership experiences.

“I decided to run for senator because I was involved in so many of my school’s clubs. I love to be involved, and Bryan has an amazing community that I want to be a part of in every way possible,” said Asbell.

Henderson, also a secondary mathematics education major, chose to run because he wants to help the freshman class be heard.

“The main thing that I think I can do for my class is listen and communicate. If there is something that the class wants/needs, it’s my job to listen to them and do what I can to make sure they have their voices heard by the people in power,” said Henderson.

Both Asbell and Henderson, along with other members of the Student Government Association (SGA) face the unique challenge this year of being a part of the organization amidst the irregularities that COVID-19 has brought to student life. Many staples of the SGA’s interaction with students include hosting events and gatherings on campus, which will be difficult because of the precautions that need to be taken against the spread of the virus.

Asbell said, “I want the student body to know that my biggest concern is maintaining a safe campus so that we can all enjoy our year on the hill. As a freshman, everything can seem a little scary, but everyone here is so encouraging and supportive. I pray we can have a safe and fun year together and I am very excited to be the Female Freshman Senator.” 

In addition to keeping the campus safe, the newly elected freshman senators will also do their best to find ways to make the fall 2020 semester enjoyable for students.

Henderson said, “Due to the pandemic, most of the people in my class have lost a lot. I plan on ensuring that their freshman year of college is better than their senior year of high school because they deserve a good experience.” 

The SGA will be holding an orientation for its new members on Fri., Sept. 4. 

To see future SGA activity, students can look forward to the week of Sept. 28 through Oct. 1, when the SGA will be coordinating Homecoming, organizing and directing the homecoming court. 

Daeana Barkubein is a freshman staff writer for the Bryan Triangle majoring in literature and minoring in communication. When not studying, she enjoys knitting, painting and many other hobbies.