Psychology major calls pro-life fight a “life-long passion”

12 years ago Danene Bottiaux 0
Senior psychology major Carolyn Candland traveled to New York City and the United Nations over spring break to lobby against abortion.

Senior Carolyn Candland had an opportunity that most people could only wish to experience; over spring break Candland was at the United Nations in New York City, lobbying against abortion.

While at the UN, Candland was able to meet with people from other countries as they battled against abortion and discussed their thoughts and beliefs of Christianity. Also during a workshop in New York City, she was able to share her thoughts on sexual purity and the ramifications of having an abortion. One of her many passions is to aid women who have had abortions and are still suffering from it.

As a psychology major, Candland will graduate from Bryan in December and plans to pursue her Ph.D. in clinical psychology. Within 10 years she hopes to be working in a practice, counseling families and being able to help people see the effects abortion has on not only the women, but also the men and other family members. While accomplishing all of that, she plans to continue her fight against abortion.

Becoming a psychology major was not just something Candland decided haphazardly. While growing up, Candland’s godfather was a psychologist, and as a junior and senior in high school she had the opportunity to work for him. While there she was able to work with an autistic boy and counsel him and his family.

“When a person has a disorder, it affects the whole family,” says Candland.

Candland was born in Brazil and has dual citizenship in Brazil and the United States.

The best thing about having a dual citizenship is being able to say she is Brazilian, Candland said. When she met delegates from Brazil over spring break, she was able to talk with them as a Brazilian, but still say she is an American.

Growing up, Candland was on the “See American Plan” as her family called it. From living in Florida, Nebraska, California, and New Jersey, to Puerto Rico, Candland has been all over America. Also, she did some mission work in the British Virgin Islands and attended a conference for missionaries in Asia.un-flags

Last semester Candland was in Italy studying abroad. Being able to just get on the train and see Italy thrilled her.

“I loved being a part of the Italian culture and the small town,” says Candland.

If she was able to live anywhere in the world it would be New Zealand.

“Its so gorgeous there” said Candland, and whenever someone mentions being there she feels “insanely jealous.”

Also Candland says she has an eclectic music taste.

“It depends on my mood,” says Candland.

It can range from Audio Adrenaline to Rihanna, or even Michael Buble, and if she isn’t listening to music then she enjoys “a good book and hot tea.”

Candland has traveled many places for only being a senior in college and still has big plans for her life. Her fight against abortion is something that Candland plans to see all the way through and fight against until it’s no longer legal. With her passion for life, a big heart, and the wish to help families in need, Carolyn Candland is just one of the amazing psychology majors at Bryan College.