First look at Italy

13 years ago Britney Weber 0
Kaity and Brittney
Juniors Kaity Kopeski and Britney Weber

Sprawling mountains. Endless vineyards. Quaint towns complete with rustic houses, looming churches and decidedly Italian bakeries tucked away in every corner. It all looks just like a prize painting taken straight out of a gallery.

But underneath Italy’s charming facade lies a spiritually dead country, buzzing with a people who know only the Jesus of their Catholic ancestors.

These are the people Saints Bible Institute is seeking to reach with the gospel of Christ through the training of just a handful of willing college kids.

For the past 19 days, 21 students from Alaska to Costa Rica have spent their days learning evangelism techniques specific to the local Italian culture. Though everyone has his own motivations for coming to Italy, there is one unifying stimulus that drives us together—growing our faith and cultivating a love of spreading the gospel.

The language, the culture, the countryside—everything is romantically foreign and embarrassingly unfamiliar—adding greatly to the already socially awkward aspect of evangelism.

Even as I am faced though with the mounting uncertainties and insecurities of an entire semester abroad, there is one phrase continually sabotaging my negative thoughts. “God is faithful!” it says, “God is so faithful.” He alone is our strength.

So, with all the unpredictability that comes with living abroad, we ask that you keep us in your prayers. Pray that God will stretch us in ways we never imagined. Pray that we will use every opportunity to reveal God’s love. And above all, pray that we will faithfully listen for God’s voice and obey His leading.

God bless,
Britney Lynne Weber