Bryan students win state-wide and local CR elections

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by Justus Stout, assistant media editor

Members of the Bryan College CRs during the campus elections. Photo courtsey of Joseph Demme.
Members of the Bryan College CR during campus elections. Photo courtesy of Joseph Demme.

State-Wide CR elections

Saturday, March 28, Tennessee College Republicans held a statewide convention, during which  elections for state-level positions were held. It was there that Bryan sophomore Bethany Diamond won the election for vice chairman, and sophomore Amelia George took treasurer.

Founded in 1892, College Republicans (CR) is, according its website, “the nation’s oldest, largest, and most active youth political organization.” It has 200,000 members, 1,100 of which reside in Tennessee, which shows the magnitude of Diamond and George’s accomplishment.

The duties involved in being the vice chairman on the state level are “coordinating the east, middle and west sections of Tennessee, according to Diamond.

The CRs often hold fundraisers and help Republican candidates in elections.

George seems to have filled her plate with her new position. As treasurer, she will spearhead fundraisers across the state. She made it clear that she has been thinking hard about this new responsibility.

“An idea I already have been thinking about is a debate between candidates for governor,” she said.

Bryan College CR elections

Less than a week after this election, the College Republicans of Bryan College held their own elections. Sophomore Josh Davis won the position of chairman.

He said CR is an important organization.

“The political process is something that affects many aspects of our lives, and since withdrawal is often not an option, we desire to be forerunners among the student population in highlighting its immediate socioeconomic ramifications in our 2009 climate,” Davis said.

Freshman Daniel Grayton secured the position of vice chair, with Diamond taking the position of events coordinator. Junior Zac Harrison completed the group, taking the position of treasurer.

This new leadership will be pivotal in Bryan College’s future with CR.

The Bryan College CRs reach of influence

According to Diamond, “Bryan College is one of the most active colleges in Tennessee for College Republicans.”

This is probably because of the level at which Bryan is involved locally. With local connections comes the ability to help and be helped, perhaps a good example of Bryan College’s emphasis on community producing practical results.

But to the local CRs, Bryan College is not enough. It is the goal Diamond and George, if not for the rest of CR state representatives, to get more students involved. The effects CR has on local and state politics should be reason enough to get involved.

“The more Christians we can get involved into politics, the better,” Diamond said.

George said she encourages everyone to learn more about CR.

“Check out College Republicans… and get involved,” she said.