Big changes in the same place

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by Atticus Bailey,  staff writer

William Wade is the man behind many of the scenes at Bryan College. While his title officially labels him as an enrollment management data analyst, he also takes on many other responsibilities; he is the liaison between many of the college’s publications, the middle man between the Information Technology department and the Admissions office and a co-creator of programs that enable others to make knowledgeable decisions.

Will Wade works at his computer.
Enrollment Management Data Analyst Will Wade works at his computer in the Financial Aid department. Triangle photo by Emily Echols.

He took over the position last year while completing his last semester at Bryan College. An impending wedding date helped him make the choice.

“I applied for the job in late 2007, and at the time I was planning on getting married in March, which I did. I was originally looking for something that would help fund the wedding and would complement my degree,” Wade said.

With a bachelor’s degree in mathematics, Wade creates logical uses of data that is randomly collected and stored. He uses this data to help the admission’s department find and meet the needs of potential Bryan students, as well as to help current students. Some of the projects he has worked on include an early alert system for students struggling throughout a semester, allowing help to be given so that students do not fall behind or leave Bryan without a degree, as well as standardizing the data behind the e-student accounts.

A jack of all trades and the go-to guy for anything that needs repair, Wade has worked to become an asset to Bryan College. The admission’s staff often comes to Wade with questions concerning computers and programs because of his knowledge and expertise and because of his honesty.

“Sometimes it is more beneficial to do things manually rather than digitally,” Wade said.
He does some information technology work of updating websites, modifying websites to higher levels of standards and automating data into usable formats.

“I try and take computers and data and make them useful,” Wade said.

Wade is also involved in many projects that are currently still in progress. One such project is creating a graphical dashboard for various vice-presidents that will enable them to receive live data to help them make better decisions. Another project is making degree auditing available in a digital form, which would enable students to know what courses are needed and have been taken for major and minor degrees.

Wade has many friends that still attend Bryan, and making the change from former student to part of the staff was a challenge he faced.

“The hardest things about working here is that I actually had to change my level of interaction to a more professional level,” Wade said. “The switchover from student to staff had to be a conscious choice.”

However, many of the things that he enjoyed about Bryan as a student, he still is able to enjoy, though in a different way. Both he and his wife are still active in PCI though in more supportive and encouraging roles.

“It’s been interesting being able to be here a year after I graduated to watch an entire class traverse an entire four years, how different people mature, especially through PCI,” he said. “Being able to see that, I get a little glimpse of the perspective that professor’s must have after being here twenty or thirty years.”

Wade has had an opportunity to observe interaction and store up knowledge of things that work and don’t work for his life after Bryan.