Psych Prof. Bradshaw resigns after 38 years at Bryan

By Katherine Carpenter
Staff Writer

This year’s May graduation will mark the end of Professor of Psychology Dr. Steve Bradshaw’s 38-year-long teaching career at Bryan. Add his four years as a student, and Bryan has been his home for 42 years.

Earlier this semester, Bradshaw accepted an offer of a full-time position as professor and associate dean of Counseling and Psychology at his graduate alma mater, Richmont Graduate University, in Chattanooga.

Bradshaw said that his departure from Bryan was not a result of the controversy that overtook campus last spring.

“I want people to know that I don’t consider myself collateral damage to what happened last year,” Bradshaw said. “If I had been offered this position three years ago, I would have taken it.”

Bradshaw said that he didn’t “want to leave any burnt bridges or hurt feelings behind.”

“I hope [Bryan] prospers. I hope it continues to grow, and continues to foster an atmosphere of community,” he said

One of the major reasons Bradshaw accepted the position at Richmont was because they extended the offer to him unprompted.

“The fact that they saw in me giftedness, and wanted the skills that I had made me feel good,” Bradshaw said. “There is something to be said for being wanted.”

According to Dr. Kevin Clauson, vice president of academics, Bryan has already begun the search to replace Bradshaw.

“Our plan, Lord willing, is to immediately hire a full-time psychology professor,” he said.

They have already received one application and expect to receive more very soon.

“I know that he has been loved and appreciated by the students, and has always maintained the highest standards of integrity,” Clauson said of Bradshaw’s legacy.

Though Bradshaw said he is sad to leave Bryan behind, he is excited about his future at Richmont.

“I’m looking forward to being involved on an administrative level; I’m excited about new responsibilities,” he said.

Bradshaw said he will especially miss “beating on my students at ping pong.”