Valentine’s Day

FIRST DATE: Problems and Solutions

3 months ago Triangle 0
Written by: Rylee Evans, staff writer   Do you send another text? Do you pay the check? Do you ask them first? These are just some of the questions you ask yourself when you like someone. Let’s examine some dating fails and successes.   There are so many grey areas and questions which make dating Read More

“Children of the Dirt”: a story for lonely hearts

4 years ago Triangle 0
By Amy Bailey Copy Editor That time of the year has come and gone again. The season of culturally sanctioned mushiness which temporarily bombards our lives with a constant display of roses, chocolates, doilies, sappy verbiage, and anatomically incorrect hearts all for the sake of celebrating love. For some, mainly those already wounded by Cupid’s Read More

Ryan Seacrest’s (inadvertent) take on Valentine’s Day

4 years ago Triangle 0
By Katherine Carpenter Staff Writer With Valentine’s Day close on the horizon, Bryan students may be scratching their heads, wondering why they don’t have a Valentine. What are we doing wrong? What should we be doing instead? Luckily, the American Top 40 are here to save us from our romantic ignorance. How to be a good Read More

Steps to surviving V-Day solo (cats optional)

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By Ashley Coker Managing Editor With the first few weeks of class finished and Spring quickly approaching, you can feel the days slowly getting longer and the workload steadily growing larger. Oh, and “the question” is being popped left and right. It’s easy to feel like you’re the only one without a shiny rock on Read More