Novice Art Critic Reviews: The Frist Art Museum

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Once you enter the Frist Art Museum and learn of its history, you will quickly realize how unique it is in comparison to other museums. The Frist Art Museum, a Nashville landmark founded in April 2001, is set up so that every six to eight weeks the museum creates a new exhibition with art from Read More

Bryan Triangle news team visits Baptist Press headquarters

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Written By: Rylee Evans, staff writer Nashville, Tenn–On Monday, January 28, it was a bright and early morning, (just kidding it was dark,) as the Bryan Triangle team met to leave for Nashville and explore both the  Southern Baptist Convention Center Baptist Press headquarters and the Frist Art Museum. The team had the opportunity to Read More

Social Media is not Your Friend

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Written by Josh Bianchi, philosophy and culture correspondent In a dark dorm room, a sleep deprived student is busy speed writing an assignment that they should’ve started much earlier. In spite of their need for hurry, a small black box next to their laptop keeps crying for attention. It does this every few minutes. When Read More