Presence v. Absence: The unrestricting theme to this year’s art event

8 months ago Triangle 0
Written by: Nathan Kernell, assistant editor DAYTON, Tenn.—Creatively unrestricting is the best way to describe this year’s art event put on by the Department of Leadership and Culture for February 15. Student art will be displayed through any medium, and interpretation is completely left up to the artist.  This year’s theme of Presence vs. Absence Read More

Cards Against Humanity Takes Stand Against Border Wall

2 years ago Triangle 0
Written by: Nathan Kernell, sports and culture correspondent In a project known as “Cards Against Humanity Stops the Wall,” the popular comedic card game company has used monetary donations from over 150,000 contributors to buy a plot of land along the US/Mexico border. The company’s plans are to make the addition of a border wall Read More

Social Media is not Your Friend

2 years ago Triangle 0
Written by Josh Bianchi, philosophy and culture correspondent In a dark dorm room, a sleep deprived student is busy speed writing an assignment that they should’ve started much earlier. In spite of their need for hurry, a small black box next to their laptop keeps crying for attention. It does this every few minutes. When Read More