Caleb Julin

Learning to Turn Our Fears into Bug­ Splat

5 years ago Triangle 0
By Caleb Julin Guest Columnist As final exam week comes into view, I am reminded of my fears. Have you ever heard of a Florida Jumping Spider? If you are really into entomology, perhaps you know it as a Dark Fishing Spider (Dolomedes tenebrosus), but down in Mickey Mouse Land, we Floridiots just call them Read More

Learning to bend a bow of bronze

5 years ago Triangle Editor 0
By Caleb Julin  Columnist A park ranger handed me a roll of duct tape, saying, “Use this to tape your shoes on…”   Following orders, I sat down on the ground and securely fastened my old tennis shoes to my feet. “What have my parents gotten me into?” my little 10­year­ old mind thought to itself. Read More

Dr. Seuss and the Single Senior

5 years ago John Carpenter 0
            On a family trip a few years ago when I was in high school, my parents and I walked into a Pizza Hut to get a late-night dinner.  As our server was seating us, I noticed a particularly cute girl sitting on the other side of the restaurant. Naturally, Read More

Hilltop Players recreate “Anne Frank”

6 years ago Triangle 0
The stage — set with an old wooden staircase, bunk beds and a strategically placed door — transformed around them and props were in hand as the Hilltop Players cast of “The Diary of Anne Frank” diligently rehearsed their lines and prepared for opening night. The play details the story of young Anne Frank and Read More