Bryan College

Bryan College reduces tuition costs by 40%

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Written by: Mathäus Schwarzen DAYTON, TENN.—Bryan College announced on September 4 that they are reducing tuition costs by 40%. The school hopes to make itself more accessible to current and prospective students.  Director of Financial Aid David Haggard said the school hopes to have a competitive edge over other private Christian colleges by offering tuition Read More

Debate Event at Carson-Newman University

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  Written by: Randi Hazelwood, assistant editor Twelve hours of arguing sounds unpleasant for most people, but for Emily Webber and the rest of the Bryan College Debating Lions, nothing’s more exciting. They were at Carson Newman University participating in the official statewide debate event, Tennessee Intercollegiate Forensics Association (TIFA) Tournament, from 9:00 a.m. to Read More

Bryan College’s Retro Gaming Club Holds First Meeting

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Written by: C. Mathäus Schwarzen, staff writer Bryan College members of the Retro Gaming Club made enough noise playing video games in their meeting that I could hear them as I entered Long Hall. In Dayton, Tennessee, on the college campus, the Club’s four members get together in the men’s dorm to huddle around screens Read More

Bryan Triangle news team visits Baptist Press headquarters

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Written By: Rylee Evans, staff writer Nashville, Tenn–On Monday, January 28, it was a bright and early morning, (just kidding it was dark,) as the Bryan Triangle team met to leave for Nashville and explore both the  Southern Baptist Convention Center Baptist Press headquarters and the Frist Art Museum. The team had the opportunity to Read More