Honors program seeks competitive edge

13 years ago Triangle 0
By Atticus Bailey, Triangle Staff Writer Dr. Ron Petitte, associate professor of political science, offers Bryan students a way to distinguish themselves in both the academic and professional fields. The honors program, under the supervision of Petitte, can give Bryan graduates a competitive edge when it comes to applying for employment or graduate school. Read More

Leadership in the bunker

13 years ago Matthew Crutchfield 0
by Matt Crutchfield, Senior Staff Writer Fog machines, fluorescent spotlights and a military issue Humvee are hardly the ingredients for a normal evening, but all of these greeted students who stepped through the doors of the National Guard Armory in Dayton, Tenn. last Thursday. The local Armory was the base for “The Bunker: Innovation,” a Read More

Darwin’s big day

13 years ago Bill Findley 0
by Billy Findley, Triangle Staff Writer The upcoming Center for Origins Research (CORE) symposium promises to be enlightening and engaging for students who attend. Though Associate Professor of Science and Director of CORE Dr. Todd Wood says the debate over evolution and creationism is nowhere near reaching a termination point, he does say it should Read More

Tight times no immediate threat

13 years ago Joy Hartman 0
by Joy Hartman, Triangle Staff Writer “The financing system for college is in real crisis,” Barmak Nassirian, associate executive director of the American Association of College Registrars and Admissions Officers, told USA Today last month. “Every one of the participants in the system is experiencing hardship — higher education institutions, states, aid donors and families Read More