Class of 2009: Where are they going from here?

12 years ago Justin Morton 0
by Justin Morton, staff writer The class of 2009, more formally known as “the seniors,” is pushing hard through the muck and mire of their final weeks here at Bryan College to arrive victoriously upon the platform of graduation bliss. It is this very platform which will serve as the starting line for the big Read More

Teddy bear, family man and logger

12 years ago Bill Findley 0
by Billy Findley, staff writer He is the assistant manager of the Bryan College cafeteria. He chops vegetables, grills chicken, boils potatoes, delegates tasks to employees and helps clean things up at the end of the day, five to six days a week. His work regimen can be demanding, yet he maintains an uncanny level Read More

Minority scholarship in the works

12 years ago Joy Hartman 0
by Joy Hartman, senior staff writerSeveral students remarked on an unusual scene at Bryan that occurred in the Rhea County Room earlier this semester – a meeting consisting only of black students. Ironically, the fact that this was such an anomaly here at Bryan was exactly why the meeting was held. According to sophomore Jared Read More

Film festival a collaborative success

12 years ago Matthew Crutchfield 0
by Matt Crutchfield, senior staff writer The iron curtain of athletic rivalry between Bryan College and Covenant College (Lookout Mt., Ga.) was torn down last Saturday when the two schools united to celebrate the creative art of film. The first annual Broad Street Film Festival was held at the Tivoli Theatre in Chattanooga, Tenn. and Read More