Psychology major calls pro-life fight a “life-long passion”

11 years ago Danene Bottiaux 0
Senior Carolyn Candland had an opportunity that most people could only wish to experience; over spring break Candland was at the United Nations in New York City, lobbying against abortion. While at the UN, Candland was able to meet with people from other countries as they battled against abortion and discussed their thoughts and beliefs Read More

Student Government Association Special Elections

11 years ago Triangle 0
Polls open in the SGA Special Election Tuesday, March 31, at noon, and close at 5 p.m. Wednesday, April 1. Below are position descriptions, a list of candidates and their complete speeches, exclusively at Click HERE to read the candidates’ speeches. Read More

You might be dumb if…

11 years ago Paul Shanks 0
For many of us, music is the lubricant that allows our soul to smoothly navigate daily life. A specific beat, or that certain melody can harken us back to a place of solace or sorrow. In a world of seemingly limitless variety, the line between the music we listen to and who we are can Read More

Bryan College cuts back

11 years ago Matthew Crutchfield 0
By Matt Crutchfield, senior staff writer The current status of the United States economy is a source of discouragement and confusion for many working Americans. Nearly every aspect of society has been influenced by the fluctuating market, and for some the consequences have been severe. While Bryan College is not suffering greatly from the current Read More