Best Beaches for Spring Breakers

6 months ago Triangle 0

Written by: Morgan Clark, staff writer

DAYTON, TENN. — With spring break quickly approaching, college students are itching to travel; but with limited money and resources, where are the cheapest and safest locations for these students to visit? Ranging from Lousianna to the Caribbean, this article provides a list of price-conscious options. 

New Orleans, La. can be a great destination if planned around Mardi Gras. Between the French Quarter, the Garden District, and various cemetery and ghost tours, New Orleans offers its own culture and flavor.  There are so many free activities – including the aforementioned Garden District. With so many art galleries and antique shops, window shopping can take up an entire afternoon. Live music is playing on every corner, providing another free channel of entertainment.

Another viable option for college students looking to travel is Panama City Beach, Fla. Panama City Beach offers numerous free activities – clearly, lounging on the beach will take up most of your day without costing any money.  Panama City Beach also offers Pier Park, with endless restaurants and free activities such as cornhole, shopping and live music.

Last but not least, we have another East Coast beach – Myrtle Beach, S.C. Myrtle Beach offers free public beach access, Broadway at the Beach, and the Boardwalk. Hotels usually range less than $100 a night, and even in the busy season, it’s a fairly cheap stay. College students can travel around the surrounding areas for next to no expense. 

There are ways to make any stay cheaper – bringing groceries along, eating at fast food establishments rather than sit down-restaurants, using search engines such as Honey to apply coupon codes when booking travel and accommodations, and booking far in advance. With cheaper locations and a few tricks, college students should be all set for spring break. 

Morgan Clark is a senior communication media and culture major. She is a first-year staff writer for the Bryan Triangle. Morgan is a varsity cheerleader for Bryan College.