The Belong Group: An Asset to Campus

8 months ago Triangle 0

Written by: Morgan Clark, staff writer

DAYTON, Tenn. — Bryan College’s Worldview Fellows introduced a new program entitled “The Belong Group” welcoming new students to campus and helping them get adjusted. The program essentially pairs transfer students with existing students to help them acclimate to the Bryan College environment. 

Dana Rice, the Worldview Fellow heading up The Belong Group, explained that The Belong Group is run by the Worldview Fellows – an on-campus group that aims to actively engage culture. “We did a really small initiative in November, during finals, where we encouraged people to take time with people and grab a cup of coffee and invest in those around them. People have these baseline connections but it’s really important to go deeper,” Rice said. This ideology is where the Belong Group grew from. 

The Belong Group was originally designed for transfer students but has changed to include freshmen who enroll at Bryan mid-academic year. “We wanted to have a way for them to be a part of the community faster instead of scrambling around on their own. We matched them with individuals who had similar majors or interests, similar sports teams, that sort of thing,” stated Rice.

“The goal is for them to have someone they can go to with questions, rather than going to the administration for that kind of thing. Someone they can have lunch with. We had 26 new students this semester and were able to match everyone who wanted to participate up with someone.”

Students this semester have been working with their matches to find their way around, learn about administration and professors alike, and figure out where they belong. 

Rice continued, “Even if it helps one new person coming in this semester, it’s worth all the planning this semester.” The Worldview Fellows continue to reach out to new students at Bryan College each semester.

Morgan Clark is a senior communications major at Bryan College. Morgan is also a cheerleader for the school with plans to graduate in May 2021.