Cadiz takes over as senior class president after vacant election, in-house switch

6 years ago Triangle 0

By Ashley Coker 

This year’s senior class SGA found themselves in a bit of a predicament last semester: No one ran for senior class president.

Since leaving the class without a president was not a plausible option, former Junior Class President Ashley Severson agreed to stay on as senior class president. As the semester grew near, Severson realized she had too much on her plate to take on the position and asked current Senior Class President Daniel Cadiz to take over.

Cadiz had previously been involved in SGA, but said he had recently left the group because they “were great people who happened to have a kind of chemistry [he] didn’t really fit into.” However, when he found out Severson was taking the senior class president position, he said he reached out and offered to support her in any way he could. He soon found himself in the position of treasurer.

According to Cadiz, when Severson decided serving as senior class president would leave her schedule too overcrowded, he was happy to take over. The two switched positions, with Cadiz currently serving as senior class president and Severson serving as treasurer.

“We looked at our options and met with Dean Morgan, who told us that the bylaws allow for an in-house switch. Ultimately, we decided that would be the easiest way to go about filling the position,” Cadiz said.

Cadiz said his main goal this year is to promote unity within the student body.

“I want to see seniors encouraging freshman. I want to see the senior class setting an example for the other classes by reaching outside their class and encouraging other students,” he said.

Cadiz said the senior SGA team is actively working on ways to make this goal a reality, including an “adopt-a-freshman” initiative that will allow seniors to send encouraging notes (anonymously or otherwise) to a freshman they are matched with.

His second goal, according to Cadiz, lines up with Student Body President Stewart Wreyford’s ultimate goal this year. Wreyford and Cadiz hope to spark an increase in school spirit across campus.

“Talking with certain professors and faculty, I heard about how, 15 years ago, you would see hundreds of people coming to sporting events cheering on their school,” Wreyford said. “Nowadays you go to a soccer game and there are maybe 40 people if you’re lucky. I want to bring back that love for Bryan.”

As Cadiz tries to make a more unified, spirited campus a reality, he welcomes questions and comments from all members of the senior class.