Bring it Home: Turning Point USA Event

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Written By: Grace Graves and Kate Westrick

Political and Government  Correspondents

On Wednesday March 22, Turning Point USA at Bryan College hosted their first formal event on campus. This panel discussion was entitled “Bring it Home: Chattanooga, Prosperity, and the Breakdown of the American Family.” Mark West, local businessman and leader of the Chattanooga Tea Party, was the keynote speaker. From his own policy research and personal experience, he spoke to the nationally felt outcomes of the failing family structure.

Turning Point USA

Turning Point USA

Several faculty members were seated on a panel and offered helpful commentary and discussion based on this topic. Dr. Paul Boling, professor of philosophy offered insight into the worldview implications and causation of this issue. Dr. Kathy Estes, professor of economics, delved into the economic consequences of this new reality. She also shed light on the role the feminist movement had to play in this breakdown of traditional family values. Finally, Dr. Travis Ricketts, professor of history, provided helpful context to frame this disastrous situation many Americans find themselves in.

Turning Point USA

Turning Point USA

Sixty students attended. This is evidence that Bryan students care about traditional family values and the strength of their future families.






Kate Westrick studies political science, history, and any public policy she can get her hands on. She serves as a political correspondent for the Bryan College Triangle, participates in intercollegiate debate, and occasionally serves on the

Kate Westrick

campus worship team. She can usually be found in the library drinking La Croix and talking about politics, the Myers-Briggs personality test, or her future tiny house.    


Grace Graves is a political communication major. She is the president of Bryan College’s  Turning Point USA chapter and serves as a political correspondent on the paper. When she isn’t reading about current events, you can probably find her at your closest coffee shop worrying about her future. You can follow her on Twitter @gracegraves2 or connect with her on LinkedIn (please endorse her skills).    

Grace Graves

Grace Graves

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