Intramural Basketball takes off at Bryan

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Written By: Emily Huston

Dayton, Tenn.- Intramural basketball at Bryan with a team of foreign athletes makes for an interesting Monday night. At the practice gym, Monday night, the team of foreign players, known as the Cultural Catastrophe took on the Rugby Zulu Warriors in a game like none before them.

The Cultural Catastrophe is team of foreigner students. Players include: Andy Arteaga (freshman golfer), Pablo Garcia (freshman soccer midfielder), Rafael Duizit (sophomore soccer midfielder) and they are coached by junior Stephen Ricketts, an American. These men have more fun than any team in the program, they do not have actual plays or correct shots, but they work hard.

The Rugby Zulu Warriors, however, are the team to watch. They can dunk, nail layups and move the ball down the court like a certified  basketball team. Not to mention they all play a sport that requires skill and determination already, rugby.

The tipoff went to the Warriors and they charged ahead relentlessly. The first points went to the Warriors but the Cultural Catastrophe answered back with a layup. At the half, the Warriors were up 32-15. By the third quarter, the Rugby Zulu Warriors had put the game away.

When asked why she watches the intramural games, Madison Ricketts, sister of Stephen, said, “I come to watch my friends play and I enjoy the atmosphere.” These games are all for the fun and they are fun to watch and fun to play.

According to junior Martin Livingston, who had six points that night, “I have lots of fun during these games. That’s why I play.”

Both teams put forward a valiant effort, but after three dunks and multiple turnovers by the Cultural Catastrophe, the Rugby Zulu Warriors showed they were the better team in this game. The Rugby Zulu Warriors beat the Cultural Catastrophe 45-20.   

Coach Stephen Ricketts said, “Our team moved the ball very well in the first half and knocked down some clutch threes’ early on. They were unselfish in their passing game but they needed to cut out the behind the back passes.” He also said, “We still have a lot of work to do but I faith we will get there.” Like any proud coach, he filmed the entire game on his Instagram live story.
Emily Hutson is a freshman English major at Bryan College. She deeply enjoys long strolls through Forever 21 and writing on her fashion blog. You can also find her reading in a corner somewhere or on Twitter or Instagram.      

Emily Hutson
Emily Hutson