Inside look at the Mental Side of Golf

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Written By: Colby Roach

Sports Editor

Raymond Floyd’s book “The Elements of Scoring” was written for the avid golfer looking to better his scoring ability on the golf course. Written along the lines of Dr. Bob Rotella’s series of books, Floyd alluded that the way to become a better scorer is by knowing your strengths and weaknesses. Throughout the 172-page book, Floyd utilizes golf greats Arnold Palmer and Fred Couples to teach the mental attitude needed to become one of the top golfers in the world.

The Elements of Scoring cover
The Elements of Scoring cover

Floyd — born in Fort Bragg, N.C. in 1942, served in the Army before turning pro in 1963. That year he claimed his first PGA Tour victory. Not to be forgotten with names like Couples and Palmer, Floyd accumulated 22 PGA Tour wins which included four major championships; 1969 and 1982 PGA Championship, 1976 Masters and 1986 U.S. Open. Floyd also played on eight Ryder Cup teams and was the captain of the team in 1989 shortly before being inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame that same year.

After finishing his career on the PGA Tour, Floyd set out to share his experiences with others. In the book, he highlights knowing your game, the universals: what every scorer does and attitude. Many struggle with the fact that golf is more mental than it is physical. If your thoughts are not in the right place, you are setting yourself up for failure. Floyd alludes that your attitude is what gives you dominance over other players. Floyd gives the inside-look into what goes on in the mind of one of the greatest players of the game during his career. The book also dives into how to weigh your options and to do all means necessary to eliminate making a big number.

Floyd reassures Rotella’s book “Golf is not a Game of Perfect” by illustrating how to make your misses better and not making big numbers on holes. Floyd finishes the book by saying, “aim small, and miss small. The more concise your target is the better your shots will be and the better scorer you will become.”


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Colby Roach
Colby Roach