Acts Project offers students mission opportunities

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Written By: Samantha Burgess, Campus and Local Editor

Going on a mission trip can be challenging mentally, physically and spiritually and with the Acts project, it’s a worthwhile experience.

The Acts Project is a summer long term mission program for students in their sophomore, junior or senior year. The program prepares students through a class, taught by Dr. Jones, offered in spring of 2017. Fifteen students will go on on a custom fit trip to Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, Asia or Africa. It’s often a solo trip. They will do mission work and fulfill honors track, student teaching, or an internship.

“Acts Project isn’t just about missions. It allows students to have a deeper understanding of themselves, of God and of the world around them,” said Eric McEachron, Director of Outreach Ministries.

McEachron, head of the Acts Project along with intern Stephanie Chavez, knows the weight of the decision. In 2008, McEachron, spoke to Matt Benson, the previous head of the Acts Project, about doing the program. He went to Bratislava, Slovakia that year. The trip prepared him for 2010-2012 when he lived in Japan.

“Choosing the Acts Project isn’t a hasty decision,” said McEachron. “Pray intentionally, talk to someone you trust, and ask previous students about their experience with the program.”

The Acts Project is open to sophomores, but McEachron said the ideal time to join the program is between junior and senior year.  Until then, he suggests a study abroad tour or Break for Change.

Stephanie Chavez, a junior math education major, went to Zambia this summer where she taught at an Operation Mobilization college and co-taught math and English at a community school in the city. She struggled through her teaching lessons because they were given to her last minute.  She learned a lot from her trip in regards to how she did and didn’t want to teach. She also developed deep relationships.

Acts Project group in Italy during debriefing week at the end of the summer. The students pictured from left to right: Kyle Lewis, Stephanie Chavez, Julia Jones, Bethany Youngblood, Hannah Bohner, Victoria Suich, Melinda Baker, Samantha
Knell (class mentor), Chesney Brakhage, Hannah Ledford, and Triston Spradling.

“The most rewarding part was seeing how excited the college kids were to learn and how much they truly loved Jesus,” said Chavez. “Through Acts Project, I was really humbled in that I saw what a small part of this big world I was.”

Triston Spradling, junior communication major,  and  Kyle Lewis, senior youth ministry major, went to Pordenone, Italy to help Saints Equipped to Evangelize. They helped with a church plant and shared the gospel. They struggled because much of the population is atheistic.

“The highlight of the trip was affirming my gift in language,” said Spradling. “I found so much joy in speaking Italian with others.”  

The Acts Project presents many opportunities. Students who are interested in the Acts Project can email Eric McEachron. They must register for CM 420 online before fall break ends. The class teaches students about history, theology and culture, equipping them for their trip. Students will pay a $800 course fee and $4,700 in support to cover the entire program.


Samantha Burgess is a sophomore majoring in communication with an emphasis in digital media. She is assistant editor over campus life and events. When she’s not doing homework, Samantha can often be found curled up with a good book, writing, listening to music, or watching TV.