Worldly justice or biblical justice?

9 months ago Reggie Ecarma 0
By: Everett Kirkman Staff Writer Justice is a word often misconstrued and defined by persons to suit their own interests. How can one word be interpreted with so many different definitions? The concept of justice is viewed differently everywhere you go. No two cultures across time or space agree completely on where this definition of Read More

Sleep, Health, and the Holidays

12 months ago Triangle 0
Written By: Morgan Renninger        One sheep, two sheep, three sheep, four…four thousand. For some, sleep is an elusive, almost mythical creature that they can never seem to catch.      There are many times I have watched the moon give way to the sun, and not caught a single hour of sleep. Read More

Holiday Fashion

12 months ago Triangle 0
Written By: Emily Hutson      As excited as I am about the end of the semester and Christmas approaching, the bitter cold this week has almost frozen me. Don’t get me wrong, winter is a great time for fashion, but the cold weather is not for me. I would prefer to stay inside with Read More

Winter Fashion with Emily Hutson

12 months ago Triangle 0
Written By: Emily Hutson      As much as I hate to admit it, fall is quickly leaving us and in its place we are greeted by the frigid air of winter. With the drop in temperatures comes a whole new level of warm fashion. As the holidays approach, it is the perfect time to Read More