Book Review: Future of Justification; a Response to NT Wright

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Written By: Nathan Ecarma Managing Editor Book:Future of Justification; a Response to NT Wright Author: Piper, John.      Although few students at Bryan participate in debate club, most participate in debate, or, rather, argumentation, especially of the theological sorts. However, most arguments tear down rather than edify as a result of students failing to Read More

At the hands of the government

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Written by: Kate Westrick Political Correspondent  I’ve often heard people complain of oppression at the hands of government. Many times, citizens stand by as if they were mere hapless victims subject to whatever their elected officials deem appropriate. This attitude has been on the rise, especially in regard to the 2016 presidential election. There was Read More

Worldly justice or biblical justice?

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By: Everett Kirkman Staff Writer Justice is a word often misconstrued and defined by persons to suit their own interests. How can one word be interpreted with so many different definitions? The concept of justice is viewed differently everywhere you go. No two cultures across time or space agree completely on where this definition of Read More

The Legacy of Tom Brady

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Written By Chuck Harris Staff Writer Dayton, Tenn.- As the day turned to night, and Tom Brady’s fifth Super Bowl ring was slipping away. The New England Patriots were under a 25-point deficit and time was not on their side. Through the chaos, Tom Brady proved his resilience, leading his team to victory. The game that Read More