A call to embrace the blessing of education

5 years ago Triangle Editor 0
Fall break is over, and we are all dragging ourselves out of bed at the last possible minute to make those dreadful 8 a.m. classes. We are lamenting to our friends over our four-­shot lattes about how we wish we had just one more skip left to use. We are marking off the days until Thanksgiving break with Read More

Learning to bend a bow of bronze

5 years ago Triangle Editor 0
By Caleb Julin  Columnist A park ranger handed me a roll of duct tape, saying, “Use this to tape your shoes on…”   Following orders, I sat down on the ground and securely fastened my old tennis shoes to my feet. “What have my parents gotten me into?” my little 10­year­ old mind thought to itself. Read More

Dr. Seuss and the Single Senior

5 years ago John Carpenter 0
            On a family trip a few years ago when I was in high school, my parents and I walked into a Pizza Hut to get a late-night dinner.  As our server was seating us, I noticed a particularly cute girl sitting on the other side of the restaurant. Naturally, Read More

What the trees taught this non-hippie

5 years ago Triangle 0
By Caleb Julin Columnist If you haven’t noticed from reading either my column posts or my blog, it seems that the Lord speaks to me the most clearly through his creation. Perhaps that is why I love the hymn, “This is My Father’s World” when it says, “This is my Father’s world: / he shines in Read More