Who will you vote for?

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By: Hannah Eckert Triangle Editor The time is coming soon for the next election in deciding who will become America’s next commander-in-chief. As the time draws closer, a similar question is on everyone’s mind. Who will I vote for? For many this question is not very difficult. They have watched the candidates closely and rallied Read More

Cruz control at New Hampshire Republican Primary 2016 and beyond

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By Reggie Ecarma, Ph.D. More details Reggie Ecarma, Ph,D. is journalism professor and chair of the department communication, media and culture at Bryan College in Dayton, Tenn. He earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of Louisville and two master’s degrees (public policy and public affairs journalism), and Ph.D. in political communication from Regent University. Read More

A call to embrace the blessing of education

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Fall break is over, and we are all dragging ourselves out of bed at the last possible minute to make those dreadful 8 a.m. classes. We are lamenting to our friends over our four-­shot lattes about how we wish we had just one more skip left to use. We are marking off the days until Thanksgiving break with Read More

Learning to bend a bow of bronze

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By Caleb Julin  Columnist A park ranger handed me a roll of duct tape, saying, “Use this to tape your shoes on…”   Following orders, I sat down on the ground and securely fastened my old tennis shoes to my feet. “What have my parents gotten me into?” my little 10­year­ old mind thought to itself. Read More