Students offer discipleship groups on campus

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Written by: MacKenzie Branch, Staff Writer Current Bryan students serve fellow classmates by leading small groups focusing on discipleship. But why do they choose to take on this additional project, with biblically driven classes and chapels already a part of Bryan’s community? “The college journey is so influential to who we are and grow up to Read More

Nashville Statement sparks controversy in Christian Circles

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A recent survey showed 62% of Christians support same-sex marriage. Responding, a host of evangelical leaders coalesced in Nashville on August 29 to draft and sign a statement about current gender and sexuality trends holding to the historical orthodox Christian stance. They met during the Southern Baptist Convention’s yearly Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission at Gaylord Opryland Resort and Convention Center in Nashville to sign the Nashville Statement. Read More

Bryan Students Start Wednesday Worship Group

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Several students gathered on the fourth floor of Long in a dorm room during the first week of classes for song worship. Word spread and 30 students filled the dorm room, spilling into the hallway. Though Bryan requires 30 chapel and 10 church attendances, some students desire more. What began as a discussion about God and worship, soon materialized into a weekly worship night. Read More

Seniors give a final goodbye

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Written By: Samantha Burgess As we scramble to finish assignments and prepare for exams, most of us have begun dreaming about summer plans. But seniors are preparing for graduation and their future. They’re filled with hope and bittersweet feelings as they get ready to leave behind good friends, professors and staff. To say goodbye, some Read More