The anxiety of validation: How social media affects our mental health

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Written by: Samantha Burgess, assistant editor Imagine that you just posted a cool photo to Instagram or tweeted a witty statement. You stare at your post waiting for someone to like and comment. To your disappointment the post gets hardly any attention. After a while you frown, setting your phone aside. You begin to wonder Read More

“Sometimes”: Paul Miller on The Praying Life

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Written by: Nathan Ecarma, Editor-in-Chief Everyone has that dirty little secret. No one flosses. When we’re on the chair and they ask if we’ve flossed, we respond with “Yes,” if we’re committed to the secret; or, we respond with “Sometimes,” if we have five or six times in the past six months; or, we respond Read More

How to Succeed as a Student Athlete

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Written By: Rylee Evans, writer Being a college athlete is an experience of a lifetime. You get to be mentored by trained coaches, play with experienced players and travel to play the sport you love. However, you will also be faced with some hard decisions and situations. Here are some tips on how to succeed Read More

To Miss Oliver: an obituary of a walking poet

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Written by: Nathan Ecarma, Editor-in-Chief I had just met Miss Oliver. She had taken me on walks through forests and even swamps, pointing out this and that. Those walks were slow, and there weren’t many words; but when there were, they counted. And I always understood what she said. I may have had to mouth Read More