Stepping out of the comfort zone: My story of missions in India

2 months ago Triangle 0
Written by: Devin Burrow, managing editor Sweat was beading down my face. Both of my legs were crammed together between the legs of two other guys. My buttocks was framed in the indentation of the seat, stiffened from the constant bumping of the car.  My stomach was queasy, but I wasn’t sure if it was Read More

Why college students should go on mission trips

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Written by: Rylee Evans, staff writer College is a time to shape your identity and your future and traveling to do Christian mission work can help do that. While most college mission trips are short term, they will have a lasting impact. This is something I can attest to. In March 2019, I had the Read More

The advocates: the call to serve the voiceless

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Written by: Samantha Burgess, editor in chief Most students at Bryan College have heard the expression “giving a voice to the voiceless.” The voiceless ranges from the unborn, to trafficking victims, to refugees. Truly helping give a voice to the voiceless involves fulfilling one of our greatest commands as Christians–to serve others. That is the Read More